Caturday Café

Join Ms. Roxanne (and Soot the cat) in an online cat café! On Saturday, July 25 at 11 AM, pop on Zoom to chat about cats, hot drinks, and baked goods. Share your favorite breakfast foods, tea and coffee preferences, and how cute your cat is. (All non-felines are honorary Read More

Moon Library Pets

Nothing cheers up the day like cute animals! Don’t worry about the zoo being closed, Moon Library staff is giving you a look at all the cats, dogs, and other cuddly creatures we have at home.

Cat Behavior

Come learn about kitties with the Humane Animal Rescue! On August 7 at 10 AM, kids 4-10 years old will meet a cat and learn all about its behavior. Sign up to meet a feline by calling  412-269-0334 or by registering online.

Fun with Buns

Come learn about bunnies and have a hopping good time with the Humane Animal Rescue! On July 9 at 10 AM, kids 3-7 years old will have a chance to meet a real domestic rabbit. Get on the wait list by calling 412-269-0334 or by registering online.

Reading with Ruby

collie dog

Ruby the miniature collie therapy dog is coming! On Wednesday, July 11 from 7 PM to 8 PM, kids in grades K-5 can practice their reading skills by picking their favorite book and reading with Ruby. Call 412-269-0334 or click one of the links below to reserve a spot on Read More

Wildlife Rainbow

Wild animals use colors and patterns to communicate with each other and to hide from danger. On June 22 at 10 AM, the Humane Animal Rescue will teach kids 4 to 7 years old how animals use the color wheel and meet a furry friend! This program is currently WAIT Read More