COVID-19 Resources

By Age Group COVID-19 Resource Guide for Older Adults Career & Finance Pennsylvania Career Link Essential Worker Hiring Portal How to report scams and price-gouging COVID-19 Working Capital Access Program for Pennsylvania small businesses (applications closed as of 4/28) Food & Housing Ellie’s Pet Pantry Humane Animal Rescue’s Emergency Housing Read More

COVID-19 Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions Chloroquine and hydroxycholorquine are not verified treatments for the virus. (Source) Ingesting bleach is not a treatment for the virus. Bleach is a poison, so contact Poison Control if anybody ingests it. (Source) People who catch and recover from COVID-19 are not immune to it and can catch Read More

COVID-19 How-to

Childcare The CDC recommends that everybody above the age of 2 wears a mask. If the child keeps touching the mask, do not force them to wear it and let them remove it. (Source) Explain clearly why they need to wear the mask. Model wearing the mask yourself to normalize Read More

COVID-19 Policies

At Moon Library Moon Library is closed until further notice. We are fine-free until libraries reopen. Do not return your borrowed items. We are providing digital content on our website and social media feeds. Children’s Department Facebook Miss Megan’s YouTube Channel Miss Nicole’s YouTube Channel Teen Department Facebook Library Facebook Read More

COVID-19 Facts

What is COVID-19? COVID-19, which is short for “novel coronavirus disease 2019“, is part of the coronavirus family, which includes the common cold and SARS. It currently has no known cure, but vaccines are being developed by the University of Pittsburgh and other organizations. (Source) It has “community spread”, meaning Read More