Wireless Printing

Patrons are able to print directly to the library’s printer using their personal laptops while connected to the library's public Wifi.

First read the installation instructions for installing the Mobile Print Client:

Windows mobile print client instructions

Mac moblie print client instructions

Then choose the link below for the platform you are using (Windows or Mac) in order to download the Mobile Print Client:



Once you have submitted your print job to the queue please see a clerk at the circulation desk for your prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

What print options are available and what are their costs?
Black and white - 10¢ per page (20¢ double-sided)
Color - 25¢ per page (50¢ double-sided)

What operating systems are supported?
Currently all versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X+ are supported.

What happens when I am done printing?
On Windows based systems once the print client is closed the printers and software are removed from the computer. On Mac based systems when the print client is closed the printers are removed from the computer however, the downloaded client still remains on the computer in the “Downloads” folder.